Vail Daily letter: Hoy for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Hoy for sheriff

I read A.J. Johnson’s letter of support for James van Beek for sheriff. Since Sheriff Hoy replaced A.J. Johnson, it is interesting for me to consider the motivation behind Johnson’s support for someone running against the sheriff who replaced him — the facts are all that should drive a well thought out vote.

Anyone seriously considering a vote for James van Beek should carefully read the comparison between him and Sheriff Hoy which follows — take a look and you be the judge.

Joe Hoy

• Joe has been with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office for 20 years and was first elected sheriff 12 years ago.

• 25 continuous years as a law enforcement professional with Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

• Honorably discharged helicopter pilot who served in Vietnam.

Focused on real issues including:

• Safer schools.

• Drug seizers.

• Teen education.

• Intoxicated drivers.

• Reduced crime.

• Using tax dollars wisely.

Results are obvious:

• Safer schools.

• Seized record amounts of drugs and drug money.

• DUI task-force in effective.

• Partnered with numerous local and state nonprofit organizations to help our teens and young adults face challenges of life.

• Risen from patrolman, to overseeing the very popular and successful DARE program, to many years as sheriff.

• Provide a service to the community for 33 to 50 percent less per capita than any of our surrounding counties.

• Easily accessible and has listened carefully to the needs or concerns of our citizens.

James van Beek

• Never a sheriff anywhere to my knowledge.

• Last worked as a full-time law enforcement officer in the US in 2004.

• Honorably discharged from the US Army.

• No longer holds Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board certification. Thus cannot carry a weapon or make arrests. No civilian concealed carry permit.

• Has never applied for a law enforcement position in Eagle County since leaving the Sheriff’s Office in 2004.

• Overseas work as a police trainer in the Balkans doesn’t translate to law enforcement in Eagle County.

• No progressive track record of promotion.

• Currently employed driving a school bus.

• No demonstrated history of budget management.

• Has been working out of the county, not in Eagle County for most of the past decade.

I encourage you to let the facts guide you to vote for Sheriff Joe Hoy.

Tom Howard


Editor’s note: James van Beek’s record shows promotions both in his service overseas and as head of security for Vail Resorts. He handled budgets in those positions, as well.

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