Vail Daily letter: Hungry hummingbird |

Vail Daily letter: Hungry hummingbird

One of the joys of family reunions is the opportunity to hear some amazing stories from other family members. For decades, our family has chosen to hold its reunions in Vail during the Bravo! Vail Music Festival.

A fascinating story I heard this summer was from my sister Janet who lives in Irvine, California. Janet’s longtime neighbor, Priscilla, had a fountain at the back of her house. A hummingbird would come and take a bath under the spray of the fountain. If the fountain was not turned on, the hummingbird would peck at the glass sliding door leading to Priscilla’s family room. Priscilla would come out, turn on the fountain and the hummingbird was satisfied. Every time I see the Vail hummingbirds, I think of this story.

Priscilla died recently.

Maureen McCormack


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