Vail Daily letter: Hurt their own |

Vail Daily letter: Hurt their own

Butch Mazzuca (Valley Voices, Monday’s Vail Daily) thinks that income inequality is the result of bad choices people make. This is not always the case. I grew up in Ohio where there were manufacturing jobs that disappeared because of advances in automation technology and trade treaties agreed to by both political parties. Many workers across the USA are out of work because of this, not because of “bad choices” they made.

When President Obama inherited the Great Recession in 2009, he was right to bail out the auto industry, which saved thousands of jobs. Democrats since have proposed infrastructure legislation to rebuild our roads, bridges and national parks. This would be paid for by raising taxes and closing tax loopholes on the 1 percent. Republicans continuously vetoed this and money for retraining programs as well. With interest rates near zero this is the time to borrow money for these programs to get our economy producing. It is not a time to be so obsessed with deficit reduction. This is why Trump is the Republican nominee. Congressional Republicans thought they were hurting Obama and Democrats by not passing these programs and instead hurt their own. They deserve exactly what they got.

Gayle M. Spelts

Lone Tree

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