Vail Daily letter: Hurts our community |

Vail Daily letter: Hurts our community

I am truly disappointed in Vail Resorts’ decision to charge for parking at the Bear and Elk lots this year. How much money is enough? I have lived in Colorado my whole life and in the valley for eight years, and the cost of raising family here in the valley continues to go up. It’s obvious that Vail Resorts does not want locals or their families to visit their resort. The statement in the paper that this plan “creates a better experience” is a bold face lie! Be honest — do you care about the people who make this community our home? Who work in the hospital, in retail, who serve your food, fix your plumbing or teach our children? You statement tells me you care only about money, and it angers me. Have you forgotten why we live in the mountains? To share in our amazing outdoors? If you want to raise prices or charge for parking that is your right, but remember these wise word from Mark: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” I fear you have lost your soul. This decision is greedy and hurts our local community!

Joe Drew

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