Vail Daily letter: I don’t believe Obama |

Vail Daily letter: I don’t believe Obama

Now I can sleep at night after watching and listening to Mr. Obama’s State of the Union song and dance in the midst of a fawning and genuflecting congress of senators, representatives, justices and other politicos that define the Washington elite and an imperial federal government. From what was said, I now know that the economy is in great condition, unemployment has been resolved to the benefit of the middle class, with poverty and ISIL now contained or subdued — not to worry any longer, one would think.

This privileged class does not live in the world that I frequent, and simply does not represent an America that suffers these fools for want of another remedy to address the miseries and perils that confront us all. To characterize these politicians as “servants of the people” would constitute the greatest delusion of all, for they in the most part seem enrapt or enveloped in their “bubble” of self-interests and self-eulogizing camaraderie. It takes you back to the aristocratic and revolutionary days of Louis XVI (circa 1790s) or that of Czar Nicolas II and his court of 1917. And so, history repeats itself in our times, since we have a government so detached and insulated from the interests of the people that to ignore the tea leaves of what transpired in D.C. on the 12th of this month is to continue on a fool’s errand to build a potentate’s legacy at the expense of Western civilization itself.

Do you ever wonder why those in attendance are there in the halls of Congress to carry on this ritual of fabricating the State of the Union? It is by invitation only at the behest of the federal government, which in turn relegates “We the People” to the anterooms, pubs and parks to witness the spectacle from afar. The legions of police, guards and soldiers are mustered for one purpose alone, and that is to protect and preserve those in power, those of privilege, those with entitlements and those with the proclivities to maintain their elected or appointed positions of power, separate and apart from the interests of “We the People.” The American people have lost many rights, privileges and wealth during the last seven years, including but not limited to their doctors, their insurance plans, there affordable policies, and their security or safety from within and without. Do we continue to believe this president now and beyond? As Robert Frost once mused, “I have many miles to go before I sleep.” No, I still cannot sleep, since I don’t believe the state of the union as verbalized by this president. I, however, do note that there are only 100 years between the events of 1917 and January of 2017 (inauguration month for the next president). Shall we return to the people’s will, or will it be a revolution against the elite and privileged few? Choose wisely!

Fredric Butler

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