Vail Daily letter: I live in Avon

Recently, the Vail Daily published a letter to the editor that I wrote about the town of Avon’s purchase of the Skier Building. And a Ms. Amy Phillips wants to invalidate my points because she believes that I live in Bachelor Gulch, which I do not. My wife and I live full time, yes, full-time, in Avon. I do not vacation there. I am a past member of the Youth Foundation board and am joining the board of the Walking Mountain Science Center. I’ve danced to raise money for the Youth Foundation’s Star Dancing Gala. My wife and I contribute generously to the Vilar Center. I am helping Foods of Vail move to its new location in Avon. All of this is being done as a full-time Avon resident.

Ms. Phillips, are you aware that everyone in Avon has their mail delivered to a P.O. box? Perhaps you want to have a drink at our home to verify that we actually live in Avon. You might want to check your facts before writing an inaccurate letter to the editor asking them to check their facts!

Mark Kogan

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