Vail Daily letter: Ignorant of history |

Vail Daily letter: Ignorant of history

The Claire Noble article (Valley Voices, Thursday’s Vail Daily) in the Vail Daily that declared, “the government is not coming for your guns, but criminals definitely are — lock them up,” is not only a non sequitur as Quinn (Letters to the Editor, Saturday’s Vail Daily) put it, but evidences a profound ignorance of history and a stunning display of naivete — criminals come for your possessions or your life. Throughout history nations and empires have always had criminals within their confines, and the personal possession of dangerous weapons, e.g., spears, clubs, knives and guns, did enhance an individual’s right of self-defense. Ergo, “the poor you will always have with you” (Mark 14:7), so will the criminal always be with you! This is a fact, and the failure of governments throughout the ages to protect all law-abiding citizens from the “slings and arrows” (Hamlet) cast by criminals is also a fact.

So returning to Claire Noble’s solution to eradicate crime and criminals in our society by requiring citizens who are armed to “lock them up” is rather presumptuous and a naive revelation. The National Socialist Party (Nazis) in Germany during the ’30s and ’40s banned guns in the hands of its law-abiding citizens, yet criminals still existed in their midst. In that instance, to name but one, the “government came for their guns” as Ms. Noble may recall. Had the German people not been rendered defenseless against their own government, 6 million Jews may have still existed in the ’50s and ensuing decades. Had the militia, composed of colonial citizens in our revolutionary days, not had their long rifles at the ready, we would still be British subjects today, and without arms. And yes, there were criminals at the time in their midst. Those same colonists were so distrustful of a central government that they inscribed into the Constitution of 1789 the right to bear arms as their last resort against tyranny — meaningful and effective arms, rather than “Noble” ones that are “locked up” pursuant to an order of a tyrant.

So, yes, Ms. Noble, our government is coming for your guns, since every isolated criminal event spawns a new call for gun-banning legislation by the present National Socialist regime in Washington and its goose-stepping followers — this is their liberal (progressive) agenda and that of the “new world order” as promulgated by the United Nations. If we are to remain a nation of laws and abiding citizens that are independent and immune from the excesses of government, then our citizens must maintain their right to “bear arms” in an “unlocked and loaded” manner, rather than in the Noble way of “locked up” and unusable in that private time of peril. We have to live with the criminal in our midst, but we may be able to remove the tyrant come November of 2016, and thereby retain a scintilla of protection for the American citizen. Banning guns or locking them up never will eliminate the criminals among us; it will only sub-serve the interests of the tyrant that seeks to subjugate a free and independent people.

Fredric Butler

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