Vail Daily letter: Ignorant view |

Vail Daily letter: Ignorant view

I began reading Haydee Pavia’s letter (April 5) with a smile on my face, thinking that it was a belated April Fool’s Day joke. However, by the end of the letter I realized that our immigration laws do not protect against ignorance, because they clearly let this person become a citizen and publish what I can only call ignorant and prejudicial views. Allow me to take the letter to task.

Firstly, the author seems to imply that immigrants bring poverty, ignorance, disease and crime into our country. Why else would this statement be written if not to imply that? Or is it that only those who come to this country illegally bring poverty, ignorance disease and crime to the U.S.? So the good people of our valley, be they children brought here by their parents at a young age, or hard working individuals seeking a better life, are a detriment to their home and our country? I think not. Rather, I think this country would not function without their help.

Secondly, the author is employing the old “not in my backyard argument.” Once here, let’s close the door to anyone else. Let’s make sure we are “safe” from future immigrants, who will only harm us. At best, this thinking is sad. At worst, it is outright prejudice and racism.

Now to H-1B visas. Many of the very people who possess these visas are the ones we so dearly need — engineers, scientists and tech workers. We need them because there is a shortage of people in these positions. That’s why we grant the visas in the first place. If there were sufficient people here with the skill sets that many H-1B visa holders possess, why would we be granting them? Frankly, what is sad is that we are forcing talented individuals to leave this country after they graduate college and advanced degree programs because they cannot secure a work visa.

And now to the issue of police. So only U.S.-born individuals should be in the police force? Why stop there? Only Christians should be in the force. And no one who is LGBT. How about restricting our finest to only those who can trace their lineage back to the Mayflower? Once again, the author is simply exhibiting prejudice if not ignorance. And since he/she was not born in the U.S. and doesn’t seem to value the principles upon which our nation was founded, that all people are created equal, why don’t we restrict his/her access to the valley?

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Yes, our immigration laws are broken. And they need reformation. But we are a country that was built upon immigration. We are strong because of our belief that anyone can succeed here, despite the position of their birth. That doesn’t always hold true, but to believe the opposite, or to restrict the right to employment based upon where a person was born, can only lead to a worse outcome. The real crime here is the ignorant, fearful and isolationist views that this author expresses.

Mark Kogan

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