Vail Daily letter: Ignoring the bigger picture |

Vail Daily letter: Ignoring the bigger picture

This is in response to the tiresome argument penned by M. Kell in a recent Vail Daily letter stating that snowboarders are a “clear and present danger.” I’m sorry that the author of the letter was hit and injured, but they are not going to get too far in amassing support to “address this danger” by placing blame on only one demographic.

For the record, I am a skier, and quite honestly the times I’ve felt most in danger have been from other skiers who are not in control and going way too fast. Also, I know for a fact that the yellow jackets M. Kell wishes would be more present have a tendency to target snowboarders far more than skiers, everything else being equal.

There are unsafe, inconsiderate snowboarders and skiers on the hill. Safety should be a big concern, but the author discredits themselves by crankily denouncing snowboarders and ignoring the bigger picture.

Nell Davis


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