Vail Daily letter: Ills of our society |

Vail Daily letter: Ills of our society

The Monday letter that somehow took umbrage with two undeniably benign items in last week’s Vail Daily encapsulates many of the ills of our present society.

Mr. Rule made two points. In the first he asserts that last week’s front page headline celebrating lower gas prices was somehow insulting to our Texas neighbors.

Is that what our country has come to? I have some energy stocks in my portfolio but that doesn’t mean I’m hoping for $10 a gallon oil. What happened to the “greater good”? When individuals feel that crippling high gasoline prices should stay that way because it benefits a tiny (and rich) percentage of the population, we, as a country, have lost its way.

His second point has to do with Texas state law regarding voter registration. However, his issue seems to be that the (naturally and deliberate) narrow-focused column by a national religious centered journalist doesn’t take into account the rules in Duval County. That comment would mean much more if Texas didn’t have 254 counties.

Mr Rule ends his letter with a thinly veiled threat that infers we should either stop insulting our primary tourist clientele or find another region of the country in which to market our beautiful valley‎.

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If Mr. Rule is any indication of that clientele, I would choose the latter in a Texas minute.

Ronald Mooney


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