Vail Daily letter: Imagine … |

Vail Daily letter: Imagine …

Imagine that “courtesy” is the new buzzword for skiing and riding!

Imagine a big corporation actually spending more money to ensure the safety of their customers instead of being obsessed with their bottom line.

Imagine enjoying the beauty surrounding us while skiing or riding instead of being fearful of that selfish crazy coming out of the trees without any concern for your presence on the trail.

Imagine a world where people realize that their irresponsible actions could cause devastating consequences for an innocent person who happened to be in the same space.

Imagine moms and dads being able to teach their little ones to ski, or just spending quality time on the mountain with their children and not having to worry about some yahoo hot dogging down the slopes.

Imagine a world where ski patrollers and the safety patrollers actually lecture and pull passes of out-of-control skiers, and those who blatantly disregard safe skiing, without suffering repercussions from the marketing department.

Imagine our older skier population spending the day with friends without the conversation turning to the fears they face of being run off the mountain by disrespectful behaviors, sport ending injuries, or the multiple collisions they have experienced during their long tenure as skiers.

Imagine a catwalk where you never have to worry about the snowboarder riding up the side and careening across which results in a collision and an airborne trip onto the downside of the hill into the trees. (This happened to me last year, and the year before that an out-of-control skier slammed me from behind).

Imagine a world where a person will think first and decide to not to do that blind jump, or that last trail without turning, or blasting out of the trees, unaware that a mom has just sent her 3-year-old down the hill in front of her so she can protect from behind. Living with the knowledge that your selfish behavior to have that last buzz of the day caused a terrible accident, or worse, someone’s death, is a burden you will bear forever.

Imagine a ski world without collisions. If only …

Imagine …

Joyce Chizmadia

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