Vail Daily letter: Important step |

Vail Daily letter: Important step

I would like to thank Congressman Jared Polis following his introduction of the Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act. By introducing this legislation Rep. Polis has once again reaffirmed his commitment to conservation and protection of our natural environment. As anyone who has visited Colorado knows, we are blessed with a beautiful state and an abundance of recreational opportunities from rafting to skiing. Unfortunately, much of Colorado’s pristine wilderness has come under threat from various extractive industries. These industries necessarily lead to fewer recreational opportunities and more environmental degradation. Fortunately for Coloradans, Rep. Polis has stepped up as a champion of conservation. The Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act is an important step towards conserving our beautiful state for generations to come, and Rep. Polis should be applauded for his work.

Rachel Brett


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