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Vail Daily letter: Inappropriate sign

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Vail area on a trip with my mother to see her very good friend of 30 years. She is in the middle of treatment for breast cancer.

Unfortunately, during our stay, her friend was called back to have a repeat mammogram for suspicious findings. To say the least, it was a very emotional time for both friends.

Getting to the point, on our trip to the Shaw Cancer Center, my mother suddenly became quiet, and told me to stop the car. I did as she asked, not knowing why initially, but then I soon realized what she was looking at so intently. My mother has been on an emotional roller coaster for the past seven months and she has managed to keep up the fight for her life, and she has been positive and hopeful while facing this dreadful disease.

It is with this that I wish to tell you what she and her friend were gazing upon.

At the entrance to beautiful Shaw Cancer Center was a political sign for “Bettis for coroner.” Now this may have been done out of complete ignorance and stupidity, or simply lack of compassion and forethought for the people who visit the cancer center who are literally in some cases fighting for their lives.

I understand that it is election time and signs are everywhere, but I would like to think that a coroner would understand more than anyone certain sensitivities and decorum. I feel that this was highly inappropriate and showed a great lack of good judgement on Ms. Bettis’s part. I know one thing — she lost one voter in my mother’s friend for her lack of compassion. I would hope, in light of this, that Ms. Bettis would relocate her sign to a more appropriate location.

Jessica Davis

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