Vail Daily letter: Include all candidates |

Vail Daily letter: Include all candidates

So Club 20, when you say on your podium “The Voice of the Western Slope Since 1953,” who are you speaking for? That is honorable that you sponsor debates for candidates for national and state offices, but are you short of funds to do a just and proper representation of all candidates?

You are doing a disservice to the citizenry and embarrassing yourself to insult the intelligence of the populace by not including all candidates, whether of another party or independent. For most people, making the decision to run for office is well thought out and good intentioned. It takes a lot of personal energy and resources and help from friends just to get on the ballot. You should encourage participation in government, not disrespect and exclude others who make the effort to represent the Western Slope. Have another bake sale if you need more money to appropriately host fair and equal debates of all candidates or just stick to your lobbying mission.

By the way, where are you getting your “Voice” from ?

Tommy King

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