Vail Daily letter: Inclusive hospitality |

Vail Daily letter: Inclusive hospitality

Hi Don (Rogers),

Thank you for your column on Friday. It could not have been better timed. My husband and I celebrated our wedding in Beaver Creek on Sept. 18, the day your column ran. While so much focus has been placed on Kim Davis, little acknowledgment has been given for the many public servants who treat all couples with the dignity and respect. As two future husbands, our experience at the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s office was wonderful — friendly and professional.

While there are some people in pockets of the country who would want to block us from enjoying the public/secular privileges and responsibilities of marriage, those in Eagle County openly welcomed us, from the clerk, to hotel staff, to restaurant staff. Those in the valley who helped us make our wedding weekend truly special, did so not just because it was their job, but because gracious hospitality is a hallmark of your community. This inclusive hospitality should be recognized and celebrated more often, in addition to pointing out the unequal treatment for those in rural Kentucky.

Ms. Davis is an outlier in this country, as are the fanatic politicos who flock to her side. We hope everyone across the country is able to exercise the fundamental right to marry as declared by the Supreme Court. In the meantime, as we make choices where to travel together, we will gladly pick the mountains in your backyard and your hospitality over the Kentucky hills behind Ms. Davis.

Andy White


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