Vail Daily letter: Incompetent leadership |

Vail Daily letter: Incompetent leadership

Did you see that Nancy Pelosi said that Hamas is a “humanitarian organization”? (She did, I didn’t make it up). Our state department has said that they are a terrorist group but Pelosi must have been at the hairdresser when they made the announcement and she missed it. Could we please have an earthquake split off her district from San Francisco so that it can float out to sea? I realize that she has never been known for well thought out and intelligent statements (we have to pass Obamacare to see what is in it). How can the American people continue to elect dunces to represent them in Congress? Oh, maybe a lot of the American people are dunces. Could that be true? You decide.

And while I am on the subject of idiots, why does Secretary of State Kerry suggest that Hamas by implication are the “good guys” and the Jews are the “bad guys” because Hamas fires a lot of rockets that can’t hit much of anything and the Jews have rockets that hit their targets? Actually, I remember when Kerry testified before Congress that U.S. soldiers were the “bad guys” in the Vietnam War, so he seems to consistently be wrong. Kerry is a perfect example of the Democrat types that we elect. They can solve anything by their government expertise like getting the Arabs to love the Jews and live in peace with them notwithstanding their stated position is that Israel must be destroyed. He’s that good? Our government acts like they can solve anything with the EPA, the IRA, the NSA, the HHS and the PDQ experts. So they say that they can solve global warming; they can get nations and religious groups that have been fighting for centuries and who don’t want to stop fighting to live in peace; they can pass government healthcare that will cost less that turns out really doesn’t; they can get the Sunnis from hating Shias; they can convince Putin that his new idea about mother Russia is not fair or just; they can take care of 60,000 juveniles entering our country illegally; and they can stop Iran’s plans to build a nuke by canceling sanctions, extending deadlines, and releasing funds that have previously been frozen. Hell, our representatives can’t even focus on smaller more easily solved problems like, “OK, where are Lerner’s emails and who took a baseball bat to her hard disk?”; like why didn’t we protect our ambassador from an attack in Benghazi instead of blaming a video (and by the way, what ever happened to the guy that did that video?); like when is Harry Reid going to allow a vote in the Senate on anything; like who should get fired in the VA for covering up long waits for vets for medical treatment; like just who authorized the sale of guns in Fast and Furious; like why don’t we change the laws to treat illegal juveniles from Honduras the same as illegals from Mexico, and the most important problem that could be easily solved is “should the president use an overlapping grip on his golf club or a baseball grip with a strong right hand?”

I believe that if we gave the Democrats and the president a beauty salon, a Subway shop, a car repair shop, or a diner, they wouldn’t be able to understand and manage it so the business would succeed. The worst waitress in the diner that abused the customers would still be employed. The hairdresser that not only didn’t really give a hoot about the customer much less be able to cut hair well would still be employed. The bread for the Subway sandwiches would not be done in time to serve the customers. The accountant that could not make the website work or provide meaningful information regarding the business would still be on the payroll. And with the present administration, these people would be getting bonuses. Huh?

What makes us think that these same people are actually capable of solving our domestic and world problems? Are you kidding me? You think that these elected people are capable of convincing the clerics in Iran to stop making a bomb or to stop Putin from doing his best to extend mother Russia into Europe? To have the Jews and the Arabs live in peace for the centuries to come? Who are the dunces now? President Obama and Kerry have all these problems (both big and small) under control. Right. The recent article by Walt Bujaryn simply called Republicans nasty names and claimed that they were guilty of fraud, deception, and torture not for the purpose of providing solutions that we presently have to existing problems, but to claim that we are facing “unstoppable forces of devastation and ruin.” Wring your hands, Bujaryn, and whine, whine, whine. Denny Geraghty previously wrote a letter to the Daily and cited Nixon and Agnew as proof that the Republicans were immoral bad guys. He dug back 40-plus years for that one. He suggested that the president is doing a great job as a leader of this country and that the Republicans were the problem. I believe that a leader should bring people together rather than find ways to separate them. President Obama has failed miserably by this standard. He does his best to separate the rich from the poor, blacks from white, oil businesses from windmill businesses, Democrats from Republicans, and people who support him from those who disagree with him despite the fact that they all are Americans. Based upon these continued terrible rants by Bujaryn and Geraghty against Republicans who actually run for office with the same desire to help the country as Democrats, it might be appropriate to investigate whether secondary weed smoke in Colorado is causing an inability to think clearly and rationally.

Peter Switzer


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