Vail Daily letter: Incorrect data |

Vail Daily letter: Incorrect data

I recently attended the Town Hall meeting in Eagle with Rep. Diane Mitsch-Bush. At this meeting, she made a point to misuse and misrespresent data that she did not fully understand. Unfortunately, she did not stop there. When I tried to communicate how and where the data she presented was wrong, so not only belittled me, as the area expert on the discussed topic, but she continued to argue with me that I was wrong. Since this Town Hall meeting several weeks ago, there have been three newspaper articles in Colorado Springs and Pueblo outlining the points and errors I was trying to address with Rep. Mitsch-Bush. These articles not only point out the flawed information, but they offer a scapegoat to the politicians that have been blindly misrepresenting the data.

I have had two email interactions with Rep. Mitsch-Bush since this recent Town Hall meeting. The first email, she asked a question that showed she wasn’t paying attention to our 20-minute discussion. The second email, I offered her links to the articles outlining the how the data was flawed. Rep. Mitsch-Bush asked for the links, but did not respond with any retraction or apology.

Rep. Diane Mitsch-Bush: Rational debate allows for growth and education; however, blindly arguing with inflated and exaggerated information based on misused and misrepresented data is wrong. Please retract your statements and apologize for your actions. Your effort to gain support for decisions you have made and bills you have voted for through the use of this incorrect data is morally and ethically wrong. This is only one example of how you have misrepresented the constituents in your district and I am offended that you feel justified in doing so.

To everyone else: Vote her out of office this year. She has stated that she votes her conscience first and her constituents second. She has ignored the Constitution. She has stated that she voted for bills that weren’t written well and that she disagreed with, but she still voted “yes” and she has even stated how she plans to vote on bills she hasn’t even read nor understands. She has justified some of these acts by using falsified and misrepresented data. There are better options available this year and we can all be represented justly.

Matt Solomon

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