Vail Daily letter: Insulting to Texas |

Vail Daily letter: Insulting to Texas

Let me get this straight. The town of Vail offers economic incentives to major airlines to have direct summer flights from Texas (Houston and Dallas) in order to promote local tourism.

Yet Sunday’s front page headline seemed to celebrate the decline in gasoline prices. Hmmmm, I just wonder what (primary) industry provides the dollars for Texans to be able to travel to the Vail Valley and buy second homes here?

Then, in the same edition, Texans were ridiculed by the “enlightened” commentary of a supposed “theologian,” (My View, Jack Van Ens) deriding the Texas policy on voter registration to prevent voter fraud. “Texas officials, enamored by voter fraud that virtually doesn’t exist, preferred Sammie get lost in the crowd of citizens denied their right to vote.” Obviously, the writer does not know the voting history of Duval County in Texas.

If local journalism wants to continue to insult a primary tourist client base, then the town of Vail might consider having airline subsidies to target other regions of the country.

Bob Rule

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