Vail Daily letter: Interesting tour |

Vail Daily letter: Interesting tour

There is an interesting (and free!) mountain tour that is available on Fridays at 1 p.m. that gives you a chance to see the inner workings of Vail’s ski operations. The tour starts with the Gondola One building, where you can see how the gondolas are stored, cleaned, serviced and checked. You will meet Jason, who knows everything about gondolas. Next you ski to the “Cat House” where you can sit in a big groomer and learn the why and how and when of mountain grooming.

After that, you go on to the “Snow Room” to learn the why and how and when of snow making. Then, if time permits, a visit to Ski Patrol headquarters.

The people that you will meet on this tour are so impressive — they clearly know their stuff and are happy to share it with you. You have to register and you do that by calling 476-9090 and they will pass you on to register. You meet at the Ski School Desk at Mid-Vail.

Try it. You will like it!

Cherie Lind Fry

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