Vail Daily letter: Invitee invasion |

Vail Daily letter: Invitee invasion

It is now proposed and confirmed that our “commander in chief” (Field Marshal Obama) will immigrate to the United States 85,000 Syrian Muslims in 2016, and another 100,000 of them in 2017. And I would surmise that there would be very few, if any, Christians and Jews in the lot owing to their being “infidels” under the faith of Islam and the historic persecution they have suffered under the Syrian regime. True to form, Obama will vet the sentiments and dangers of these new “invitees” to the homeland like he has for millions of illegal aliens crossing our southern border — absolutely nothing, only another “red line” for the protection of American citizens!

Perhaps a majority of these new refugees will be male of a “fighting” age. Perhaps some or many of them have been programmed to conduct “lone wolf” attacks on American citizens. Perhaps some or many of them will not assimilate into the American society, but will congregate in enclaves, and reject our laws and rules in favor of Sharia law. Perhaps many, if not all, will be a further financial burden to be carried by our citizens, since most will not know our language (Spanish or English), and therefore be inhibited from gainful employment. The term “perhaps” connotes speculation and not assurance or meaningful forethought. However, shall we again rely on our commander in chief’s word or assurances that he will only allow law-abiding and peaceful refugees into our Obamacare society? Ergo, “you can keep your safety,” “you can keep you property” or “you can keep you life”.

Where the Obama administration has spent $42 million to date to establish, train and equip a Syrian army to fight ISIL of only four or five men when he had envisioned a force of around 5,000-plus, I have little faith that these new refugees will have the mettle to fight for our American values or suffer the pains of even learning our language and mores — Islam is rather intolerant of those not in the fold. This commander in chief once drew a “red line” in the sands of Syria against civilian abuse with no follow-up in the face of proven violations, so I do not think that his “red line” on the soils of America will have any efficacy or follow-through under this new invasion of invitees.

Fredric Butler

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