Vail Daily letter: Irresponsible interpretation |

Vail Daily letter: Irresponsible interpretation

Re: Your cartoon with nine coffins and the caption “Apparently it’s only ‘terrorism’ when a Muslim does it” (Commentary, Saturday’s Vail Daily): This cartoon reveals a cartoonist and editorial board incapable of evaluating a situation, and oblivious to history. When terrorist attacks occurred on Northern Ireland, nobody had a problem labeling them as Irish terrorists. We also recognized that not all Irish were terrorists.

Now you are trying to create an equivalence between a murderer and ISIS. ISIS is successfully recruiting and beheading people under the banner of religious ideology. The North Carolina mass murder was committed by a lone hateful, racist sociopath. He would not be able to recruit followers from any legitimate religion. The only common ground with ISIS is that both have chosen Christians as their target.

We cannot solve problems until we accurately define the issues. If the press continues to spread irresponsible interpretation of events, it will hinder the pursuit of solutions.

Kurt Erickson


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