Vail Daily letter: Is welfare working? |

Vail Daily letter: Is welfare working?

Is our welfare system working?

It is, depending on one’s perspective, honesty, perception, personal interests and philosophy. If one is currently receiving the benefits and entitlements of this system, I would say it is working for him or her through a myriad of benefits from student loans, socialized health care, food stamps, public assistance, workman’s compensation, unemployment benefits, “sweetheart” government employment (state and federal), retirement benefits (earned or bestowed), to out-and-out embezzlement of taxpayer funds — it is working for these folks. I might add that it is working for our elected officials and educators with this so-called “progressive” philosophy and agenda owing to the fact that it garners votes to keep them employed or in office via at least half of the voting public who have their personal and pecuniary interests in the mix. But is this perspective honest and unbiased? To be honest, perceptive and unbiased about it all, one would have to divest himself of his personal interests in the matter, and consider the welfare of the country as a whole, while understanding the meaning of the rule of law (not a political agenda).

The system is not working and rigged for disaster when one is not a beneficiary of it, but struggles to pay the freight of the attendant costs. From the perspective of the private section wage earner, the small-business owner or unconnected corporation that engages in the over-regulated market place, the burden of carrying the extant welfare system suppresses incentive, the work ethic and efficiency of the capitalistic “engine” that drives the economy. It is a recipe for disaster and ultimate failure. What with $18 trillion of federal debt that can only be covered through monetization, the imploding of the value of our currency and treasuries with their concomitant decrease in creditability, the stagnant economic growth, the waste of tax monies, both here and abroad, and the incompetency of government in general, can one honestly and intelligently say that this system is working? Were we to govern ourselves under a rule of law, and not through political expediency, then the welfare state would fail. But when we digress and apply a social philosophy to foment the “promised land” to those entitled to coast on the efforts of others, then we are on a fool’s errand, and delude ourselves into thinking that it is working.

To those students of political science and economics in our institutions of higher learning, a realistic perception is qualified through one’s perspective via an unrestrained or unconstricted curriculum. Perhaps a course in cost accounting, business administration or constitutional law would establish a more “university” understanding of it all. Unfortunately, in our universities (Berkeley, Boulder, etc.), those educators in the disciplines of economics or political science bring a bias in favor of a liberal persuasion, rather than a universal one where there is no preconceived or personal mindset. Reality to them is skewed to legitimize their fantasies of the utopian welfare state.

Fredric Butler

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