Vail Daily letter: Islamic-friendly U.S. |

Vail Daily letter: Islamic-friendly U.S.

Should all Americans have seen “2016,” the movie produced by Dinesh D’Souza two years back, you will understand the focus of my rant.

The Cliffs Notes speak to Obama and his goals for the U.S. as president, prefaced by his upbringing and exposure to “colonialism,” which was detested by his father. Obama set about the mission to wreak havoc on the colonial model, distancing the U.S. from its own sense of self-importance, pride and power.

Should the young community organizer and back-bench senator reach his destination, what would the United States look like by 2016?

• The military would not exceed the prowess of any major world power.

• The culture would be more friendly to Islam, thus not pose a credible threat.

• All foreign policy would be earmarked by a visible lack of aggression and threat to enemies via diplomacy.

• All would have access to cheap health care.

• The wealth gap between rich and poor would be levelled.

Contemporary evidence to support the Islamic-friendly assertion is upon us. Note:

• Reluctance to attack Syria despite 200,000 innocent deaths via Assad.

• $300 million taxpayer checks sent annually to PLO, supporting Hamas rocketing of our friends in Tel Aviv.

• Transfer of five terrorist magnates from Guantanamo back to combat in trade for a deserter.

• Negotiating with Iran at a time when they speak of Israeli annihilation and great Satan U.S.

• Refusing to attend Paris protest March over Jewish assassinations with five world leaders.

• Condemning Netanyahu’s speech to his own Congress and refusing to attend.

As a dual citizen, I often have the out-of-body ability to peer into the American psyche from afar, just to determine how you all feel about having your country distorted away from the way it feels about itself, based purely upon your history. Judeo-Christian ethics and principles founded this great nation, even to the extent of recognition and assimilation of other tongues and religions, but not at the expense of our own safety.

This coddling of foreign nations who have no love for the U.S. and our way of life — infidels and heretics they call us — can only advance the image of a president fond of Islam and apologetic for the space we occupy in this world.

I truly hope I am mistaken.

Pat Mitchell


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