Vail Daily letter: It is coming |

Vail Daily letter: It is coming

Terrified vs. sanguine?

Name calling vs. honest discussion?

Your article about global climate change was replete with inaccuracies, logical fallacies and lies.

You wrote (quoting Howard C. Hayden, a climate change skeptic), “People tend to trust things that come from the government, and very often that trust is quite a bit misplaced. … It is group think.” Really that statement is group think. Should we therefore conclude there is no climate change? Really?

You published data about high and low temperature records in the U.S. in 2013. Since your sources show more low records than high, there cannot be global warming. Really? What happens in the U.S. represents the whole globe? Presenting that “data” shows your journalistic ignorance of the situation.

Here is another logical fallacy from the article. I quote (Hayden), “‘Now you begin to see the absurdity of it all,’ he said. ‘There’s something like 83 different models for climate change — obviously 82 have to be wrong because they all disagree with one another.’” I add, so, we must conclude there is no validity to global warming.

Here is an analogy. “Now you begin to see the absurdity of it all,” he said. “There are 83 religions which claim to be Christian, for example, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian and Amish — obviously 82 of them have to be wrong because they all disagree with one another. So we must conclude there is no validity to Christianity.

So I imagine no one at the Daily challenged the skeptic “science.”

I am not terrified about global warming, I am sanguine. It is reality and human induced. Whether it takes 50 years, 100 years or more likely 1,000 years, it is coming unless we change.

Lauren Glendenning, Howard C. Hayden, as well as your readers and I will long ago have died of natural causes before serious global warming effects are apparent in Colorado. Here is why.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the atmosphere has almost doubled in my lifetime, 70 years. The last era the world had CO2 levels this high was about 300 million years ago. The earth was then 15 degrees warmer than it is this year. It is coming! It will take time.

CO2 levels will gradually cause significant temperature increases. When you put a pot of water on the stove to boil, it does it not boil immediately. It takes time for heat input to gradually raise the temperature. Global warming is a gradual process happening every year.

Human-caused global warming is coming as certainly as the CO2 level continues to rise. I am sanguine about that.

James Haas

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