Vail Daily letter: It was a mistake

The whole family felt devastated about the loss of Cuhatlique, but one thing that you all haven’t realized is that what Hugo did was a mistake. It was a mistake that anyone of us could have done.

We have known Hugo from the time that he participated in the Power Hours Youth Foundation. He helped us a lot and gave us great encouragement to continue school. It’s four of us, and he helped each and every one of us.

Angel, Chris: To us, Hugo was like a big brother. He helped us and taught us soccer. School wasn’t our favorite thing, but Hugo talked to everyone in the program and gave us encouragement to stay in school and to work hard in school. He was a great person to hang out with and a great role model for us kids and teens.

Alondra: Hugo was a great person and a role model. He helped a lot of kids when he was in the Power Hours Youth Foundation. He helped me a lot when I broke my leg and when I needed the most help. He was a great person and a person with a lot of encouragement for teens and kids, a person that each day had something good to say.

Dalia: For the last year Hugo was in school, he persuaded me and told me valuable things. At first, my thoughts were not to go to college after high school. Hugo came and persuaded me that I should go to college and that college was going to make a big difference in my whole life. I took that advice he gave me, and I know that advice will always help me.

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