Vail Daily letter: It’s a ‘you’ problem |

Vail Daily letter: It’s a ‘you’ problem

In response to Alice from the Dec. 12 edition: Alice, I’m sorry recycling isn’t as easy for you in Vail as it was before you moved. Perhaps you should head on back to California. Or maybe you could put a little effort into your quest to be “green.” If you drive your recyclables a short way down to Avon (as we do,) there is a wonderful recycle center set up just west of Wal-Mart. This is a “you” problem, not a Vail problem. The gall you have to blame Vail for your lack of effort is laughable. Your action of just throwing away your recyclables because they didn’t fit is beyond lazy. Next time, perhaps you could research your problem for a solution instead of looking to place blame. But then again, that might not be easy enough for you.

Dan Futa


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