Vail Daily letter: It’s about time

I am one of the few longtime locals actually born and raised in the mountains of Colorado. First from Breckenridge, then the Vail Valley since 1973 (off and on). Needless to say, I have seen many changes!

I am also a small-business owner in Avon and welcome the changes to the heart of the valley. I say, it is about time!

All of the businesses (boutiques, furniture, salons, ski shops, coffee houses, restaurants, copy stores, electronic stores, consignment stores, big box, etc.) currently in Avon lend to the character and diversity of our beautiful town and valley. I am wondering if many locals in our county have actually ventured into the new (and old) businesses that have popped up or moved from other parts of the valley to Avon. They all may surprise you!

Chapel Square is a beautiful building that finally deserves the attention it is getting. But how great that the revitalization of Avon is happening a year before the World Championships and many of the older, run-down buildings are being upgraded! Avon is the gateway to Beaver Creek, which is such an incredible venue for this global event! So, why shouldn’t Avon also include businesses that locals and visitors can both enjoy? Why shouldn’t Avon have its own movie theater or bowling alley? People that live in or visit Avon have to drive 20 minutes in either direction to experience either activity.

Just because upgrades are being made to Avon does not mean that local businesses are going away. In fact, I think Avon is attracting businesses that cater to many demographics which our county should embrace. In my humble opinion, I think the route from I-70 to Highway 6 through Avon (and the five roundabouts) is the best landscaped and most beautiful exit into any of our small towns. The surrounding town of Avon should be welcoming to both visitors and locals so as to promote the Eagle Valley, not just Vail or Beaver Creek. After all, there are eight small towns that comprise this valley and help support the two world-class ski resorts of Vail and Beaver Creek. Avon has just not received the tender loving care it deserves, until now.

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Every business I have frequented in Avon has a diverse inventory. Avon is not trying to be Vail or Beaver Creek, but simply a beautiful little town with businesses that attract all walks of life and all budgets. Our valley can be very expensive, but if you really are interested in supporting our community, you will find that every business in this entire valley has something to offer so that you as a consumer would not have to leave this valley to shop, eat, or be entertained.

Oh, by the way, if the Gorsuch family chose to open a store in Avon, I would welcome their presence. After all, they are a true home-grown small business and it would just add to the relevance of this great small town called Avon.

Rondi Berge

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