Vail Daily letter: It’s legal here |

Vail Daily letter: It’s legal here

I enjoyed the amusing letter from Christine Arakelian of New York regarding Colorado’s marijuana laws in Friday’s paper. In it she proudly declared her top 1 percent membership and told us all authoritatively that we “can’t be a destination resort for high earners (such as herself) and a pot town at the same time — you have to choose”. And she was serious! Ms Arakelian is, according to her LinkedIn profile, a “high earner” thanks to a successful career to date in pharmaceuticals. In other words, she’s made her chops selling legal drugs. Highly profitable, the drug business. This pot stuff — which just grows like a weed — can’t be patented. And unlike most over the counter drugs, it works. Evidently, pharma people do not like the new competition.

That aside, she’s probably not old enough to remember the locals’ name for the old covered quad chair on Vail Mountain. It was called the Rasta Bahn, since one could light up easily, shielded from the wind. Yes, Christine, people have been skiing and high simultaneously for a long time. A lot of people. John Denver had a snappy little hit tune about it some 40 years ago. “Rocky Mountain High”? Back in the day when a popular bumper sticker out here read, “If you (heart) N.Y., take I-70 east!”

It’s too bad Vail has to put up with some of the tourists it gets, but thankfully most of the 1-percenters who travel here from around the world don’t have agendas to inflict upon us. Marijuana is legal here in Colorado now. If it threatens your “health care” business, do enjoy Utah next year. Be careful though — people smoke pot there, too.

Bill Sepmeier

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