Vail Daily letter: It’s time |

Vail Daily letter: It’s time

It’s time for Vail to have its own indoor performing arts and education center. It’s time from the standpoint of need for us locals, harnessing the talent in our community, utilizing our track record for multi-sponsorship and public-private cooperation and utilizing a venue opportunity in front of our noses.


• There is the Vilar, but it’s almost too professional — hence without discounts for local seniors/young adults or opportunities for amateur performances.

Harnessing our talent:

• We have a ton of talent, but few opportunities to show it off and put it to work mentoring upcoming amateurs

Multi-sponsors, public-private cooperation:

• This is our forte and opportunity, whether for a single event (e.g. the 2015 championship award ceremonies) or constructing venues (e.g. the Gymnastics Center and Betty Ford Alpine Garden Education Center).

• Potential opportunity to attract co-sponsors include: One, the expanding CMC establishing a satellite operation dedicated to performing arts — justified with the large amount of mill levy dollars they receive on Vail residential and business property; two, the newly formed Vail Centre for advanced education; and, three, others sure to come forward.

Venue opportunity:

• The empty, blighted asphalt on the east end of the Lionshead parking structure is available — within the physical boundary of the Vail Redevelopment Authority and hence within its mission to provide funds for development projects.

In short, it’s time — with the underlying key word of “opportunity” and a motto of “improve or you are going backwards” in today’s fast moving world. So citizens of Vail unite to express your ideas, or the prediction of some sideline soothsayers before last fall’s council seat election will come true: “Not much to do, so just do no harm” — meaning do more studies!

Paul Rondeau


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