Vail Daily letter: It’s your choice |

Vail Daily letter: It’s your choice

In his “Republic,” Plato justified the conduct of fabrication, misrepresentation or lying by the philosopher kings in order to promote a social/political agenda for the so-called “common good” of society (in his day, the Athenian one). This perverted conduct was sanctioned and promoted by the aristocratic elite (the Academy) in order to maintain and preserve a statis and entrenched government of the privileged few. The art of spin, parsing or prevarication was referred to as the “noble lie,” since it sub-served the purposes of a nobility or imperial class purporting to represent the people (another noble lie). The effect of this noble lie was to delude and deceive the common masses into a state of euphoria and dependency upon the governmental elite to supposedly promote their health, safety and welfare. This system of control worked so long as the people remained subservient, ignorant, slavish and complacent. Its downfall was due to the enlightenment of a minority of the people who were not members of the privileged classes or favored by the philosopher king.

Fast forward to the days of our founding fathers when Jefferson himself endeavored to read Plato’s writings on this subject, but was repulsed by its false premises, its dishonesty and endemic immorality. He rejected this premise off-hand, and for the first time in history formulated the grand experiment we call a “constitutional democracy,” or, ironically, a “republic.” Within the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the Constitution of the United States (1789) it was envisioned and proscribed that there would be no nobility, no imperial class, no “academy” of controlling intellectuals, and certainly no “philosopher king.” For the first occasion, since time out of mind, the people were guaranteed their natural rights and freedom from the tyranny of a philosopher king, also known as president. It was further manifested that the laws were to be enacted by representatives of the people, not by an academy, also known as “Congress” of tenured and career senators and representatives. Service on behalf of the people was the touchstone of this enabling charter — not for the establishment of an imperial congress imbued with self-interests and exempt from the laws it writes — law (statutory and common) applied to all, and each individual was subject to the equal application and protection thereunder. All of this sounds inspirational to a free man — only were it to “have legs,” and apply to our times.

In our day, do we see more parallels with Plato’s “Republic” or that of the Constitutional “republic” of Jefferson et al? Perhaps the answer and our enlightenment could be found in the following events and representations from our purported “representatives”:One, if, you the people, will accept the Affordable Care Act as we have enacted on your behalf, then “you can keep your existing policies of coverage.” Two, under the ACA, your premiums would be less if you opted for our federal brand of coverage (say $2,500). Three, you will be able to keep your own doctor under our universal coverage. I submit that these were “noble lies” that were promulgated by our modern day “philosopher king,” our imperial Academy (both forums of Congress), and by the ignorant or indifferent members of the Democratic Party, en masse — remember, not one Republican voted for its enactment, so the Democrats own the ACA. Other than Ms. Pelosi who didn’t read it, those Democratic senators and representatives who touted and subscribed to the enactment of the ACA well knew that these representations were false, were meant to deceive a gullible populous, and were designed to garner more tyrannical control over a free people, all in contravention of the strictures of the Constitution. This ACA had little to do with the health and welfare of the American people. It was designed to impose more tax burdens on them and diminish their privacy and independence.

To now watch and listen to our modern day philosopher king in his endeavors to explain away the lies and obfuscations about the ACA in order to gain the trust of a once gullible and naive public is to revisit and re-read a platonic history lesson. The people are now informed of the “noble lies” and should be chary to believe again in what the king and his noble minions might say hereafter about the “fixes” they intend to promote. The academy of Democrats and their philosopher king can no longer be trusted, their word is now discounted to mere pre-election diatribe, and the ACA has been exposed for what it is — a calculated fraud upon the American people. To remedy this malady, please fast forward to the mid-term elections of 2014 when the electoral process may have its way pursuant to the mandates of the Constitution. Or as an alternative, a new “Declaration of Independence” by the people will appear through the medium of revolution as their God-given right, facilitated pursuant to the patent authority under the 2nd, 10th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Your choice and your vote — either an imperial federal government or a restatement of a Constitutional government by the governed!

Fredric Butler

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