Vail Daily letter: Just stating facts |

Vail Daily letter: Just stating facts

OK, I’m off my couch after reading Kim Andree’s letter supporting James van Beek and knocking Daric Harvey in Eagle County’s sheriff race. For the record, I am not a registered voter in Eagle County (yet) but was a political science major so I’m kind of a geek about this stuff. I’m also not a Democrat or Republican.

I saw the comparison ad that Ms. Andree refers to where Mr. Harvey was clearly illustrating the basic differences between himself and Mr. van Beek. I don’t mean to insult Ms. Andree or any of Mr. van Beek’s other supporters who have reacted so passionately to what, quite honestly, appears to be the truth. I researched both candidates and through Google found Mr. van Beek’s LinkedIn profile which shows his profession as a “driver/dispatcher at Eagle County Government.” So it appears that what Mr. Harvey said is simply a statement of fact regarding current employment. I also read Mr. van Beek’s Blogspot where he fails to mention his current employment. What I did not see in any ad or interview was disparaging remarks by Mr. Harvey against bus drivers or any other profession, seasonal or otherwise. It’s kind of a cheap shot to imply such.

Is it wrong for a candidate to distinguish himself from another in an honest way for the benefit of voters? I think not. I view political races as job interviews. I have two or more choices of applicants. Do I consider where an applicant is currently employed? Absolutely. Do I review what an applicant has done in the past to best prepare herself for the job that she has applied for? Darn right. In reading Mr. van Beek’s Blogspot I did not see a serious effort to improve his skills or qualifications since his candidacy and loss against current Sheriff Joe Hoy in 2010. I wish that I had. However, in Mr. Harvey I found someone who has immersed himself in Eagle County through his leadership position with the Vail Police Department and nonprofit work with the Bright Future Foundation and Police Explorers group. Also, the endorsements that Mr. Harvey has received from the mayors of Vail, Eagle and Basalt left me impressed.

I hope to be moving to Eagle County on a permanent basis very soon so this election matters to me beyond my current role of interested observer. Think snow!

Cindy Spellman

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