Vail Daily letter: Keep Avon moving forward |

Vail Daily letter: Keep Avon moving forward

For far too long Avon has been mired in mediocrity, unable to fully tap its vast potential. The potential that gained traction in 2008 with the Westin was quieted with the great recession and is now springing back to life. The financing of the Skier Building is another piece of the puzzle that will weave a rich, vibrant, bold and courageous fabric for Avon.

The $3.2 million price for the Skier Building is equitable, between Avon’s appraisal of $2,042,000 and Points of Colorado’s appraisal of $4,120,000. As interest rates are extremely low, Avon can easily afford the annual debt service; remember there are no new taxes that pay for this building. Further, there will be no cost overruns for the building. The Avon Town Council has adopted a very public and thorough process to ensure the tenant finish stays on budget.

The Skier Building is where a town hall should be, centrally located in Avon. Then Avon will develop the old town hall to its fullest and best use. The Skier Building as the new Town Hall will be another catalyst for a better Avon.

Please do not believe the elegant prose of those who use a mirage for facts4 to support their ornate words. The building is sound and functional; Avon has backed this up with facts.

Please join me in believing how great Avon will become. Join me in continuing to move Avon forward and add another piece to what is rapidly becoming a more dynamic town. Join me in voting “yes” for the financing of the Skier Building.

Rich Carroll


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