Vail Daily letter: Keep Vail open

I first want to say I have lived here a very, very long time. Every “offseason” I ask myself, “Why?” Vail is beautiful year-round!

Why do we segregate against the customers who come here in the offseason? We are so lucky to live in a place where we make an incredible amount of money in the winter, enough to carry us throughout the year. So then, why do we decide that we will close out shops, restaurants, etc. to the public?

I find it embarrassing and extremely rude!

It is clearly saying, “Hi, offseason visitors. We made a s—load of money and so we close. Ha ha ha ha ha.”

One kid that worked for Vail Associates said in defense of the shops and restaurants being closed, and I quote, ”Do you know what they are paying to be here? Only like $120 a night.” They are not the spenders. Oh, yeah, excuse me, instead-of them spending $600 a night! Who cares what they pay or what income they have — they are people! Another human being who happens to be in Vail — at the wrong time of the year. Maybe Vail was on their bucket list and they just happen to be here in May.

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There is no wrong time of the year — it’s beautiful here year-round. We should be grateful!

When and why did we decide to make ourselves God and decide when it is acceptable to be in Vail and receive a full Vail treatment with all shops and all restaurants open for their enjoyment.

I would wish the town would fine shops and restaurants for being closed!

If this attitude took place for farmers to irrigate and use hot houses, etc, we would all starve. Make it happen! Expand your narrow minds! Duh — if you’re not open, no sales. Duh!

It is so selfish and self-centered to not be open. I don’t care if nobody comes in my gallery for a full two months. I still would remain open because I love my town. I’m grateful to live where I do! Additionally grateful to be where one can prosper so well in the winter!

These shops still pay their $10,000 a month rent but don’t pay their help? How selfish is that?

Meanwhile, the poor kids are all on unemployment scrambling around to make a buck! Wow, what an oxymoron!

The people who come here at this time of year learn one thing — how to hate Vail and Vailites who are slamming the door in their face. It’s embarrassing that anybody would happen to be traveling though Vail and see our snobby lazy asses, closed to “ others,” “outsiders — from only just merely “the winter” or “season”? We are alive 365 days a year. People travel 365 days a year. Narrow-mindedness equals zero dollars, zero productivity, and gets us a reputation as phoney snobs! And I dislike it!

Cheryl Peter

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