Vail Daily letter: Kirchner for school board |

Vail Daily letter: Kirchner for school board

The year before my son began kindergarten (in 2008), I began attending PTA meetings at our home school to get a taste of what was to come. I was a private school girl in LA where I grew up, and always assumed my children would attend private school. I quickly learned that our local public schools were safe, wonderful learning environments, and we chose to send our kids to the neighborhood school, the same school my husband attended as a child growing up in the valley. Just as quickly I learned that my go-to person to begin learning about the issues surrounding education would be Tessa Kirchner. At the time she was PTA president at the school, and was regularly attending school board meetings, at that point, primarily to stay abreast of what was happening in the district.

In subsequent years, Tessa carried on as PTA president, and also co-founded the Education Foundation of Eagle County (EFEC). At EFEC she spearheaded the efforts to allow private donations to be distributed through the district in order to allow support of schools in maintaining staffing through difficult budget cuts. She also became heavily involved at the state level, working with Great Ed Colorado to help in their efforts to restore state funding. Tessa was elected to the school board in 2011 and has continued to work tirelessly at the district level to make our schools great.

What I believe sets Tessa apart is her concern for the welfare of all students. Tessa doesn’t always make the decision that is best for her children, or her schools, but rather what is best for all schools and students in our district. You will not meet a more passionate, hard-working individual. She is equally as willing and able to volunteer for the bake sale as she is to debate policy at the Legislature. She understands school budgets because she has been a part of making critical decisions during some of our toughest times. She is realistic about what can and cannot be done, and is adept at making wise choices that have the most positive impacts on our students. Education is the single issue that Tessa has chosen to fight for, and she has done it remarkably well. Please vote for Tessa Kirchner so that she can continue her great work at the school board.

Pavan Krueger

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