Vail Daily letter: Kostick has done great work

I am saddened to read the recent accusation that Eagle Mayor Yuri Kostick and board member Doug Seabury have “betrayed the trust” of their constituents by traveling to Florida to meet with the Haymeadow real estate developer. Based on my interactions with these two individuals, I find this allegation extremely difficult to believe. Mayor Kostick has worked tirelessly to promote the town of Eagle as a leader in building sustainable multi-use recreation. He has successfully built a trail system that not only benefits the residents of the town of Eagle but has served as the course for the Colorado High School Mountain Bike Championship the past two years.

Under the mayor’s leadership, this trail system was completed in a manner that respects the natural environment while providing much-needed recreational opportunities both to residents and to tourists. The trails have received fantastic reviews from high school athletes from around Colorado and the project serves as an example for other communities across the country on what can be done to help the local economy, promote fitness and provide much-needed amenities to the residents and visitors. In recognition of his efforts, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association was honored to present Mayor Kostick the 2013 Community Impact Award and we wish him, Mr. Seabury and the residents of the town of Eagle the best in 2015.

Austin McInerny

National Interscholastic Cycling Association

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