Vail Daily letter: Kudos to Carroll, Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Kudos to Carroll, Avon

Three cheers to Rich Carroll (Valley Voices, Monday) for telling it like it is. It’s rare that government entities can point to their record of accomplishments with pride. Avon’s council can, and they deserve it!

During the economic downturn, they didn’t kick the can down the road. They worked very hard to solve the big problems facing the town, and to prepare the town to thrive in the coming years. Results tell a lot more about effective government than any other measurement. This council faced down the tough issues and delivered good results. Seemingly unending litigation put a halt to development in East Avon. The council worked out the issues, and now, we are poised to see top-quality growth in that part of town. That’s just one example, but it’s typical of the pattern of accomplishments that they are right be proud of. In his recent editorial, Avon Mayor Rich Carroll described many other recent accomplishments. It’s an impressive track record delivered by a winning team. We should all be proud and send three loud cheers to Rich and the whole team in Avon.

Sustainable results have the greatest value. My prediction is that five years from now, when we remember how the transformation of Avon started out, we will give this administration five cheers for the sustained value of the plans they hatched.

When we see Avon 10 years from now, at least 10 cheers.

Vote for Scott Prince. I have one recommendation for Avon’s next council. Scott Prince leads the field in experience and ability to continue this pattern of great work. Please put Scott Prince on your ballot.

Roger Benedict


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