Vail Daily letter: Kudos to CDOT |

Vail Daily letter: Kudos to CDOT

As anyone who travels south of Minturn knows, there is a construction project ongoing at the intersection of Highway 24 and the road to Maloit Park.

This project promised to cause significant delays for shoppers and volunteers hoping to get to the Eagle Valley Rummage Sale the last two weekends. Our fear was that it would cause a significant traffic control issue as thousands of shoppers attempted to drive into Maloit Park. After a few phone calls by us, CDOT sent a representative to our location to discuss the magnitude of the potential problem. Within 48 hours of our request for help, CDOT advised us that they would be providing traffic control at the affected intersection to ameliorate any possible traffic jams.

On behalf of Nancy Nottingham, my co-president, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to CDOT for doing its part to make the Eagle Valley Rummage Sale a success.

We would also like to thank Eagle County Deputy Sheriff Matt Westenfelder for his personal attention to the problem.

Tom Russo

Co-president, Eagle Valley Community Fund

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