Vail Daily letter: Kudos to hospital |

Vail Daily letter: Kudos to hospital

It’s probably not unusual for a hospital — Vail Valley Medical Center or any other — to hear its share of complaints about treatment, about outcome, about everything from the quality of its food to the color of its walls and, of course, the skill levels and bedside manners of its caregivers.

The beginning of last month though, admitted in Vail for a surgical emergency in the middle of the night and ultimately hospitalized there for a week, I had a completely positive experience. The people with whom I interacted — doctors and PAs, nurses and care techs, diagnostic technicians and housekeepers and (eventually, hallelujah) food service workers — all of them showed the highest quality of professional dedication. What’s more, every one of them seemed to go, when necessity required it, above and beyond the call of duty.

I write about it now because excellence was not my wife’s and my expectation. We had just settled into our condo in East Vail when the pain started and, because of a chronic problem that literally (and painfully) chokes off my blood supply, it wasn’t my first rodeo and I knew I had to get to the hospital and fast. On almost half-a-dozen similar incidents in the past few years, we’ve always raced from our home in Evergreen down to Lutheran Hospital on the edge of Denver. Simply put, it’s a “big city” hospital.

But this time we were in Vail and things were moving pretty fast in the wrong direction and we just knew it would not be productive to hop in the car and head east. Yet we weren’t sure that we really wanted to end up at a hospital best known as a great place to fix a torn joint or a broken bone.

How wrong we were. I suppose there are specialties that aren’t core services at Vail Valley Medical Center but for my needs, it was perfect. We drew a sensational surgeon and a splendid staff. It might all have been unexpected, but it certainly was memorable and, under the circumstances, in a good way.

Right down to the color of the walls!

Greg Dobbs

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