Vail Daily letter: Kudos to Obama |

Vail Daily letter: Kudos to Obama

Thank you, Katherine Delanoy (Letters to the Editor, Saturday’s Vail Daily). President Obama has done an outstanding job and you stated it perfectly. He has been such a fine dignified leader that has made me proud to be American again. All he has accomplished without the least bit of Republican support is astounding. I have many friends in other countries who agree — before Obama we were a joke. He not only saved our country from economic disaster but brought international respect back to America. They, as do I, wonder how we go from such fine diplomatic leadership to these “carpet bombing” threatening Republican clowns who’d rather debate who sweats more than economical or foreign policies.

Sad to say, with Trump and those cronies running in that party, we are on the verge of becoming an absolute laughing stock around the world again. I hope we don’t get stuck with any of the Republicans running and find a true leader to represent our country with the dignity and respect we and the world deserve.

It’s truly been an honor to have had a president with such gracious leadership qualities as Obama’s.

So, Katherine, thank you for your letter which encouraged mine, and thank you Mr. President for the inspiration.

Lindy Moore


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