Vail Daily letter: Kurz, Cleveland, Foley |

Vail Daily letter: Kurz, Cleveland, Foley

Having served on the Town Council myself for six years I am convinced that one of the qualifications to serve is experience. I also know that it is a time-consuming and thankless job.

I am fully aware of the commitment one has to have to even consider to take it on again. So I am very impressed with Ludi Kurz’s, Dick Cleveland’s and Kevin Foley’s willingness to shoulder that responsibility again.

Not one of them has any axe to grind or are in any way connected to any special interests.

We can rely on their integrity and benefit from their experience.

If you take into consideration that while one is on the council, one receives mostly criticism and takes plenty of abuse.

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This is your chance to tell that you appreciate their service and reward them with your vote.

Josef Staufer


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