Vail Daily letter: Kurz for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Kurz for Vail council

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ludi Kurz for a continued seat on the town of Vail council. As a business owner in the Vail Valley for over 25 years, I have had the good fortune to know Ludi in a wide array of circumstances — as a councilman, as a colleague and as a friend — and can honestly state that there is no better person for this job.

As a councilman and a colleague, I have valued his pragmatic approach, his ability to quickly assess the information before him, to listen and openly take input, to clearly communicate his perspective and to maintain a well-balanced and well-informed perspective throughout. I have found him to be an incredibly business friendly representative and have always appreciated his vast knowledge on not only the local ski industry but on the resort and hospitality industry on an international level. It is truly unparalleled.

This unique level of experience, along with the dedication and professionalism Ludi brings to any task, is what led our Beaver Creek Resort Co. board to ask Ludi to stay on at the Design and Review Board as chairman. The board always held his opinion in the highest regard and it was not lost on us how hard it would be to replicate what Ludi brings to the table.

As a friend, I have witnessed Ludi’s true character and again can state, it is unparalleled. I know very few as dedicated to this industry and this community and know no one more fit to represent our businesses or this town.

I hope you feel the same and will vote Ludi Kurz this November.

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Brian Nolan

Owner, Group 970 Restaurants

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