Vail Daily letter: Kurz for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Kurz for Vail council

Ludi Kurz is the person you want on council. We have been friends with Ludi for years and have always appreciated how well he represents Vail on the council. With his lifelong love of skiing, he has been an outstanding ambassador for Vail both nationally and internationally. His experience and knowledge of the history of Vail has served him and us well. He has always been a person with the ability to look at all sides of an issue and consider the complexities of a problem before making a decision. Ludi builds consensus, works towards solutions, and is open to new ideas. His dedication to building the community, his hard work for Vail and his energy make him a great choice for Town Council. We support him and hope you will, too.

Lynn and John Gottlieb

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