Vail Daily letter: Kurz for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Kurz for Vail council

I’ve known Ludi Kurz since 1976. He was a superb Ski School director, and has since served the community effectively as mayor, a member of Town Council, the Planning and Environmental Commission, the Water and Sanitation District board, and as chairman of the Beaver Creek Design Review Board. He is a thorough analyst of all the issues that come before him in these roles, always listening carefully to all views, and seeking an appropriate balance between the sometimes competing needs of the community and the resort.

Ludi’s deep understanding of the issues facing winter resort communities is greatly strengthened by his long association with Lech and other European winter resorts. Those connections have been helpful to Vail in many ways. As a great skier, and the winner of countless local ski races, he genuinely understands the passion for the sports that drive our success.

We are lucky that Ludi’s devotion to our town continues. I hope every reader of this letter will vote for him.

Peter Feistmann

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