Vail Daily letter: Lack of understanding |

Vail Daily letter: Lack of understanding

I very much appreciate that as a publication you offer a wide range of opinion pieces per week; however, I must question the continued publication of Butch Mazucca’s opinion pieces. His recent work “The true beauty of capitalism” demonstrates his obscene lack of understanding about capitalism’s place in history and his bizarre ignorance of the precepts and afflictions inherent within the capitalist system.

His version of capitalism exists outside of the rational bounds of a modern, sustainable economic philosophy. Free trade and free markets equally have a historic record of maintaining, and in many instances reinforcing, the “grinding poverty” that exists in many of the most impoverished nations. And capitalism, in the U.S., has created the most vibrant and dynamic middle class to date? Please check the your facts, and then tell me how the modern middle class is doing. According to all usable available data, the middle class has been in a steady and consistent decline since the U.S. began adopting and implementing the unrestricted and unregulated form of capitalism he argues elevates the intended society.

With regards to referencing capitalist thinkers, please Butch, do us all a favor and recognize just because you quote Milton Friedman does not mean that Milton Friedman was right. Nor does that mean that Fredrik Hayak was right for that matter. I’m quite certain Alan Greenspan even distanced himself from both. Moreover, please do not use the specious, time-traveling argument of Boortz to buttress your position. Just because he is an avowed conservative libertarian does not mean that “if we are all honest” with ourselves, then we will agree with you or him.

Finally, Mazucca’s deliberate ignorance of the precepts and afflictions inherent within capitalism continues to baffle me. His justification of capitalism draws on a flawed understanding of history and humanity. Capitalism can liberate and enlighten; however, in the slums of any impoverished nation subjected to the extreme version of unfettered capitalism he suggests, one can find some of the most egregious living conditions and human rights violations in the modern world.

I am sure this wanton ignorance is not his fault, and I am also sure that in all of his days he has never met a single person with whom he felt had a legitimate position that disagreed with his own; however, this letter is not an indictment of his ignorance. It is an call to remove his misinformed opinion from the pages of the Vail Daily.

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I am not suggesting that there does not exist a very legitimate and principled defense of capitalism that articulates all of the good that the economic philosophy has to offer the world. What I am suggesting is that Butch does not have a firm enough grasp of the real world consequences of this complex concept to opine about the subject at all. Every article he writes draws on flawed reasoning, incorrect inference, and plain old myopia.

Justin Folger


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