Vail Daily letter: Lack of understanding |

Vail Daily letter: Lack of understanding

As a resident of the town of Eagle, I am once again astonished at how ill-advised and uneducated our Eagle mayor, Yuri Kostick, is with how our town government works. And again, our Town Board is showing lack of planning and understanding in hiring for our new town manager. They are paying $5,000 to a consultant for finding our new town manager. If this recruiting and hiring process does proceed it looks like this new town manager may only be employed for possibly a month before being replaced by our newly voted in Town Board. The hired consultant, Chris Moffet, is quoted saying in the Vail Daily article that “she will contact each board member to learn about what characteristics they individually value most in a prospective manager.” With Yuri Kostick and Doug Seabury being on the town manager hiring committee, this is ludicrous to ask these two individuals what they value in character. These two board members have already shown what characteristics they value with taking an all-expense paid trip with a developer to Florida and only repaying for the trip when they were caught. Please Mr. Mayor — do the town of Eagle a favor and show up for meetings well read, pay the town bills, and then ride off into the sunset when we vote you out in April!

Ann Woodworth


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