Vail Daily letter: Lacking knowledge, context |

Vail Daily letter: Lacking knowledge, context

Regarding Peter Bergh’s letter of April 13:

Mr. Bergh apparently thinks of himself as a man of reason, but his letter bashing religion in general and Islam in particular displayed very shallow historical knowledge accompanied by an inability to contextualize and a willingness to generalize that it is the polar opposite of scholarly reason.

Islamic cultures, like other cultures, have had their ups and downs, but have contributed greatly to the world’s general store of knowledge and literature.

And I would like to remind Mr. Bergh that it was Christians, not Muslims, who perpetrated the holocaust.

Bergh ends his letter with a plea to avoid a catastrophic struggle between Christians and Muslims, which is odd given that he just did his best to insult every Muslim who reads the Vail Daily.

I am a big fan of the Western Enlightenment, and like Bergh, think that fundamentalist religions are capable of doing great damage to human prospects. However I think that perspective, tolerance and an ability to understand extremely complex historical situations are the keys to making the world a better place, not blanket condemnations.

Cynthia Lepthien


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