Vail Daily letter: Langmaid for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Langmaid for Vail council

To our fellow townspeople:

I’ve called Vail my home for more than 40 years. Over this time I’ve seen Kim Langmaid grow into an outstanding citizen of our community. She is a deep-thinking intellectual who blends her interest for the natural world and compassion for the marginalized with an ability to shake hands with reality. She founded what is now Walking Mountains, a science-based organization, that not only embraces our natural curiosity but has brought together disparate groups where they are led to respect each other and work together toward a common goal.

Kim Langmaid has the qualities of a humble servant who respects and cherishes the judgment of others and has the natural curiosity to welcome opinions whether they come from a sophisticate of a special interest or simply a child discovering the wonders of our mountain paradise. She has brought people and ideas together and created things bigger. I am excited to see her bring together and lead the different stakeholders of Vail into a community we are proud to call home. Remember to vote for Kim Langmaid for Vail Town Council.

Robert Schilling

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