Vail Daily letter: Langmaid for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Langmaid for Vail council

As Vail prepares for a new round of council members, I would like to endorse Kim Langmaid as a viable candidate. I have known Kim for many years and have great admiration for her pioneering spirit and ability to envision the possibilities that not only can sustain a community but can grow a community as well.

Kim was fortunate to grow up surrounded by some of the most interesting, talented, entrepreneurial people who have shaped the greater Vail Valley into what it is today. This provided her with a unique perspective on the lifeblood of this valley at a very early age — one in which impediments don’t seem as daunting and creativity is the expectation, not the exception.

As most everyone already knows, she is the founder of Walking Mountains Science Center, one of the many great contributions she has made to the Eagle Valley. In the process of bringing her vision to a reality, she persevered with a sense of personal commitment that required navigating head on a continuous and often unpredictable series of challenges, while still maintaining focus and vision. It’s this kind of leadership that looks for the opportunities that can make a difference in a community thriving as a sustainable resort.

Kim’s leadership style aligns with the idea of “servant leadership” where one works to find the right answer through a collaborative effort that involves everyone’s best thinking by encouraging good dialogue among all the various stakeholders. She practices this in her own life and in her work and has contributed to many of other organizations with that same sense of presence. With the many good candidates vying for a position on the council, I would encourage you to consider Kim as a wonderful asset that could contribute greatly to the Vail community as well as the outlying communities that sustain all of us in the Eagle Valley. I hope you will join me in supporting Kim Langmaid for the Vail Town Council.

Buck Elliott

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