Vail Daily letter: Leave space on slopes |

Vail Daily letter: Leave space on slopes

To the mature gentleman who ran into me at high speed from behind, thank you for stopping and offering assistance and a brief apology. At the bottom of Expresso on Tuesday at noon, visibility and snow conditions were perfect; few skiers were in the vicinity, I was right between two yellow “slow speed” banners, and I was wearing CADS equipment suitable for my advanced age.

In the moment, I was concerned with assessing whether I was injured and getting my gear reattached to the rightful appendages. As is often the case, in retrospect, I can think of several messages I wish I had delivered. Under these ideal conditions, how could you run into me? Not as good a skier as you think? Poor judgment?

Do you realize how lucky we both were? All I have is a sore shoulder. My 3.5-month-old new knee was unaffected. (Skiing with surgeon’s blessing.) All you have is a bit of embarrassment and a bruised ego (I hope). I could have been seriously injured. You could have been criminally liable for those injuries.

True all year, but especially early season, it is only prudent to leave extra space in the area of kids, old people, and novices. Hope reading of my experience can remind others of this.

Rich Selph


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