Vail Daily letter: Leave the Dark Age, GOP |

Vail Daily letter: Leave the Dark Age, GOP


Readers of my opinions will recall that I think it is imperative that we maintain a strong, two-party system in the country in order to keep politicians of all stripes in check. However, during the past two presidential election cycles, the Republican Party has demonstrated its uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by being so out of touch with the feelings and thinking of mainstream America. It is one thing to stand on one’s principles. However, it is another thing when the stand is made on the fantail of the Titanic.

As a consequence, in my view the Democrats have amassed far too much political clout and some would say have used it to illegally spy on segments of the population, passed very poorly thought out legislation, raised the amount of taxes we pay, while at the same time increasing the deficit and national debt to levels never before heard.

Apparently being very slow learners, the leadership of the Republican Party continues to demonstrate over and over again that it is way out of step with the thinking of most Americans these days.

In Massachusetts, Democrat Edward Markey handily defeated Republican Gabriel Gomez for the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry.

In Texas, the Republican-controlled Legislature and the governor, Rick Perry, continue their assault on women.

In California, the gay-bashing Republicans were handed a stunning defeat by the U.S. Supreme Court when it struck down California’s obviously anti-gay law banning certain benefits to legally married gay and lesbian couples.

And across the country, women, blacks and Hispanics are voting for Democrats in overwhelming numbers.

Self-inflicted wounds can be just as deadly as a sniper’s headshot. Therefore, once again I suggest to the Republican Party leadership that if it really wants to regain political clout, it must focus like a laser on initiating ways to get millions of Americans back to work — for in most people’s minds, “it is the economy, stupid.”

Additionally, this male-dominated party of Lincoln would benefit greatly by ceasing its war on women’s rights, stop trying to tell others how to lead their private lives, pay close attention to the needs of minorities and endeavor to find ways to unite this incredibly diverse nation rather than continuing to split it asunder with dogma and thinking that predates the Dark Ages.

Peter Bergh


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